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Our resident writing group has written this on being a grandparent.

Being a Grandparent

Excitement at the news a grandchild’s on the way
And you count the months down towards the special day
You can’t wait to meet and hold them in your arms
On hearing your voice, their crying soon calms.

It’s a lifelong friendship as they’re part of you
You’re already planning all the things you can do,
You can regress back towards their age,
Reliving your childhood, on the same page.

You can teach them to knit, bake and read,
As a grandparent you offer lots that they need.
You have more patience and much more time,
Even when they cover your house in grime!

Of hugs and kisses, there’s never a lack
And you can always hand them back!

Written by the Park Lodge Writing Group, October 2016

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